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Hair & Makeup Artist Brand Photos

Hair and Makeup artist brand

Meet Miranda! Miranda is a hair and makeup artist (HMU) serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts who specializes in all day services to ensure her brides feel taken care of and fancy from morning til night.

I've worked with Miranda before for hair and makeup things so when she reached out for hair and makeup artist brand photos I was so excited and flattered!

She reached out in the middle of a full rebrand and was in the process of redoing her website. She wants to show up more intentionally on my social media with a full catalog of on-brand images that attract her ideal client: bestie brides that want fancy natural makeup looks and modern cool girl hairstyles.

Since Gen Z is the next generation of brides getting married, we catered some images specifically towards the style that trends show they like: blurry / movement images, unsmiling / non-emotive, and dynamic / direct lighting (well, we wanted, but the sunshine didn't work out).

After looking through her brand questionnaire answers and chatting through her vision, we planned for the following different scenes:


Scene 1: Phone things.

Having a great connection with her clients is priority numero uno and it's hard to develop a relationship through email. Getting on a discovery call to sus out the vibe is the first step to making the connection. In fact, Miranda shared that one of the reasons she ended up moving forward with me is because I asked to schedule a phone call in my first email reply to her (I align on the connection aspect!!). Since I knew this was a sticking point in her business, I figured it could be fun to get some phone photos! With a phone that's more than just a cell phone to really drive the message home!!

Scene 2: personality pics

Even though she's a HMU, she's a person without all her tools! It was important to have images that showcased her personality rather than just a typical headshot. I love these photos that show the whole realm of emotion from the calm cool girl to the excited, bubbly bestie.

Hair and Makeup Artist Brand Photos

Scene 3: Tools of the trade

While personality pics are important, we of course have to showcase her work and get on-brand occupation images! We started off with minimalist solo images of her with her makeup kit and styling tools. While obvi we got photos with her in them, we also needed faceless imagery to overlay text on socials and blogs.

Scene 4: incorporate hair and makeup models

Then it was time to incorporate a few models to get some client interaction imagery! We first aimed to get some faceless evergreen imagery she can utilize for socials like for reel covers / story poll templates, etc. These on-brand images that don't actually include a face are super important when you go to grab a random image to share something when you don't feel like using a photo of yourself.

We only did hair photos rather than makeup as she gets a bunch of makeup touchup images on wedding days.

Since the client experience is very important to Miranda and she wants to have a true connection with her brides, we cultivated scenes with the "clients" to show joy and comfort while also demonstrating behind the scenes of the HMU process.

scene 5: direct light + shadow images

Miranda loved the look of dynamic lighting. We had a pretty cloudy day in the studio so we weren't able to use the direct window light for these like we intended. So instead we used flash to get some more HMU evergreen images that are just a little more unique!

Scene 6: Music "brand booster"

A “brand booster” are people, places, things or ideas that aren’t directly related to your profession, but their tangential association with YOU as an individual helps your clients/audience attach to you personally.

Miranda looooves music. She posts a "song of the day" to her story all the time so I knew we had to get some music related images for her. The intention of that left photo you see below is for her to overlay the spotify song ontop of to share her song of the day for a more personal touch!! Then of course some more non-people stock imagery as well as personality pics dancing.

There's of course so much more goodness in her final gallery than I share here but sharing them all would be overwhelming AF (I mean... I considered it). I am so super excited to see how she uses these photos across her socials and website!! I hope the images give her confidence to show up consistently and helps her to book her ideal client!

Eventually I'll have another blog to showcase how she uses her images just like I did for Bee's brand.

Brand Team:

Studio: Ames Studio

Hair and Makeup: Miranda Lynn

Stylist: Keely Style

xx, Tam


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