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Having a personal brand is creating and maintaining an image that's consistent in all mediums and communications. This means the same messaging on your website, social media, documents, and in-person communication. A brand helps your audience and customers get to know what your business stands for, and if they want to work with you.

A good brand establishes a relationship with a client before you even make contact. Now, more than ever, is so important to identify your personal brand and to create content to serve your audience. With so much of today’s browsing and purchasing done online; from groceries to service providers, you need to establish yourself and let people know who you are!


Not only do brand photos help to introduce your brand messaging in a clear and consistent way, but having professional photos levels up your business' aesthetic.

As an artist, I wanted something colorful and bright, not heavily edited to alter the colors--just brightened up to enhance the cheerful work I create. She did this perfectly!

Abby Cali Art


  • Behind the scenes of you actually providing a service or creating your product

  • Professional Headshot

  • Lifestyle brand photos - posed, intentional photos of you working in a specific scene like home office, in the studio, etc

  • Photos of your equipment or product ; camera, yoga mat, art supplies, cookbook, etc

  • Cute lifestyle photos of you not pertaining to your work at all: drinking wine, making pancakes, playing with your dog, dancing to music, whatever represents who you are!


First, submit your inquiry to get in contact. I'll reach out to schedule a time for us to hop on a quick call and discuss your business and photography needs to see if I'd be a good fit for your brand. If so, once you're booked I'll provide you with a questionnaire to learn more about your vision and goals.


During your brand planning we will create a plan to introduce you and your service/product in an intentional and curated way to show WHO you are and WHY you do what you do through photos. We'll create a brand plan and timeline to define scene selections, outfits, props, and photo/pose options to take the guess work out of your session. This ensures we'll be efficient with our time as well as confident and purposeful. And of course, making sure to leave room for FUN!

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