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Fast Facts about Tam:

Got married in Acadia National Park

Has been to 49 states (just need Alaska!)

Has a Westie pup named Winston

Loves: golfing, trash reality tv, traveling

Hates: grocery shopping

HP House: Slytherin

Myers Briggs: ENFJ

Enneagram: 8 

Swiftie: Yes

BRANDING photographer

Hey, I'm Tam! 

I love long road trips, puzzles, visiting National Parks, and doing allllll the outdoors stuff like biking, kayaking and hiking. But I also love allllll the indoor stuff like snugging on the couch with my husband and pup for Harry Potter Marathons or binge watching shitty reality TV shows. 

I'm a night owl, an extravert, and a recovering type A perfectionist.

I also love photography, obv. And I adore making new friends, meeting new people, and making a lasting connection. So, let's connect!

It is incredibly rewarding to see firsthand how personalized brand imagery helps a company thrive and grow. I absolutely love connecting with other small businesses and entrepreneurs and supporting each other through this biz life! 

I feel like I am the clientele I love to serve; approachable, professional, passionate, but like to have a silly goose time. I've moved around a bunch growing up so I became someone who adapted easily which has become a skill in life and work. Making connections, trusting my gut, and having open communication is critical to my personal relationships as well as who I choose to work with. If you value transparency, organization, preparedness, communication, having random dance parties and laughing til you cry we'll get along just great!

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