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Future Best Selling Author Brand Photos

Updated: Jan 31

You're looking at two badass women who helped build a company from 0 to 100 while still partaking in their own life getting married and raising a family. Being in roles like VP of International Sales and Chief of Staff to the CEO puts them in a unique position to provide tried and tested advice on how to skyrocket your career and personal life at the same time.

Author Headshots

These powerhouses are coming together to write a future bestseller to help other superwomen out there not only balance their business and job of being a mom but to reach their potential and exceed their goals.

"mom boss" nameplate in focus with two business women in background working

They have individual businesses as well as their new role of co-author, so S+J wanted imagery to showcase their own personal brand as well as their partnership. This need included updated author brand headshots, lifestyle working images to show their collaboration, and images to indicate that they're working mothers.

S+J were traveling to Boston for work and booked a session fairly last minute. Because of this they were unable to bring too many props with them on the plane. The child's toy and "Mom Boss" name plate were the only items they were able to pack in their luggage. However, I can picture in future brand sessions how doing an "at home" brand session to showcase them working while their children are playing in the background, or even having work discarded to the side while they play with their kids would help to convey their message!

Author Brand Photos

The book has not gone to publication yet we weren't able to take any stock imagery of their books so we focused more on the writing / research / note taking process. For this we used laptops, notebooks, and other plain cover books to help convey the author message. It was important to them to showcase multitasking in some images but still have clean, professional imagery.

stock photo of women working on laptops while flipping through book

I'm excited for their book launch and to see how they'll implement these images and what photo they'll use for their author picture!

Allston Studio in Boston

This session was located in the Allston Studio. It's a great spot to customize the scenes with the reversible rolling wall, living room set up, as well as tons of different seamless paper colors to choose from! The Allston Studio is a great photography studio option in Boston and the owner / property manager Nile is so responsive and helpful.

Their hair and makeup was done by Sparkle T Beauty.

If you're intersted learning how on-brand imagery could benefit your small business I'd absolutely love to talk with you! Connect with me through email and let's elevate your online presence.


Boston Branding Photographer


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