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How Busy B Social Uses Brand Photos


Meet Bee from Busy b social

fun, eye catching headshot of girl in front of pink background

Meet Bee! This cutie lil babe and I first connected back in 2019 (that feels like 2 years ago but let's move on). She was a bridesmaid at a wedding I photographed and we instantly connected. We stayed in touch and I found out she was transitioning from an accounting career to working for herself as a social media strategist. Starting a new biz can be scary and there's so many things on the ole to-do list, including getting personal brand photography!

Now, 5 years later, Bee is an authority in the industry and has an army of loyal clients who basically worship the ground she walks on. Even though she's super data driven and a goal oriented professional it DOES NAHT MEAN she has to have boring ass brand photos! She's so gregarious and kind and so her photos reflect that. The brand colors her and her designer chose further emphasize that mood and it fits together so well. Check it out:




brand photos on her website

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

That green pic up there is a .gif on her website! The screenshot doesn't show it obvi so here it is! And yes, I do include fun .gifs during brand sessions. It just adds a little extra and we love extra over here.

.gif file of girl looking over sunglasses as part of personal brand experience

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

Okay so obvi I chippity-chopped up her site for areas that didn't have any of her brand photos because HEY I'm not a website designer so the copy and layout isn't the focus of this blog. I'm here to show you how to use brand photos throughout your brand. If you want to see her actual website / services / all that design goodness then click here.

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

busy b social website design using personal brand photography

I love that she included so many photos and that they all just scream BEE! They're happy, inviting, confident, and informative. Could you tell that the photos are from two diff sessions? Some of the photos are from a studio (the office scenes) and the other was in my studio (the pink / green / yellow backdrops). We love a returning client!! And we're even in talks of a third session so YES Bee LFG.


brand photo tip

Your brand and business will evolve.

If you're telling yourself that you aren't ready for brand photos yet because you need to figure out "xyz" first... quit it. There will always be thing we need to do for our business. Always something that feels incomplete and like we have to pass some hurdle before we're allowed to take another step.

Come as you are, where you are in business right now!

Unless your next move is to work with a brand architect to dive deep and discover your ideal client avatar and brand voice / theme, you're ready for brand photos now. Hell, going through the brand planning process with me will help you learn more about your brand and help you to evolve!

If we take your brand photos and your business changes, that's great! Let it. We can always take more brand photos. You know what you can't afford? To use stock photos that make you blend into the sea of sameness. You deserve to stand out!

It's pretty obvious Bee's brand colors are blue, pink, and yellow. The first brand session we did together wasn't focusing on these colors as she wasn't quite sure about her full brand. So she used photos from that first session until she had more clarity and we scheduled her second session. And I'm sure in a few years she'll be ready for another session as her brand continues to expand or she niches down into specific audiences or services.


brand photos on her social

Okie doke. So we know a website isn't the only place you can use brand photos. How else to use brand photos? Bee also uses her photos across her social media platforms. Here are some ways she utilizes her brand photos that might make sense for you to as well:

  • personalized flat lay photo for her "to do" IG story every day

  • testimonial share using an intentional negative space photo

  • covers for reels

  • introduction / share news posts in the feed


brand photos on course materials

Again, chopped up these presentation slides because GUESS WHAT you don't get the course for free hehe. But these are the slides that start / end the presentation. Having brand photos on course materials is a great way for your client to feel even more bonded to you as a business owner and builds up that like / know / trust factor.



Okie I'm done sharing visuals but here's a round up of all the ways of how to use brand photos:

  • Website design (duh)

  • On social media feeds and stories; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X

  • Courses you sell or guides you give to clients / prospective clients

  • Newsletters and blogs

  • Pinterest graphics

  • Physical mailers

  • Make your profile photo the same headshot across all platforms; Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X / Threads, email signature, Slack or other communication platform, and your 'About Me' on your website!

  • Public marketing like billboards, posters, signs and flyers

There's probably definitely more that you can use your branding photos for but right now this list will get ya started. Want more applicable personal brand photos ideas? Sign up for my newsletter.


Bee's Brand session Experience:

"Tammy is seriously an amazing person & photographer! Her personality behind the camera helps bring out the most incredible pictures! From the planning process to the day of step by step details - I felt incredibly supported and listened to the entire way. In some ways it felt like Tammy was my business partner because she wanted to make sure I was comfortable & my brand was being portrayed as best it could be. Working with her is definitely a no-brainer! She's my photographer for life now." - Bee (thanks girl ilysm!)


Team work makes the dream work. Here are some acknowledgements for everyone who brought Bee's brand to fruition.


Want personal brand photos that are as fun as bee's?

Reach out and let's plan your session to make your photos work for you. If you need to get your shit together and stop being embarrassed that the photography on your site then send me an inquiry!

k love ya bye!



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